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Unlocking the Speed and Potential of 5G: Frequencies, Technology, and Beyond

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the transition from 4G to 5G has been nothing short of revolutionary.

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What are APIs, and why do we need them?

In general terms, computer applications require a means of communication (protocol) and a specific “language” or data format that can be comprehended by both sides.

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“Democratizing” telco networks – What we’ve learned about 5G

The advent of the fifth generation of cellular networks (5G) will enable entirely new use cases and enhance customer experiences with existing ones.

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5G Early Access Program across the Atlantic – Joint Testing with T-Mobile US

Our 5G Early Access Program reached a new dimension at the beginning of the year by testing across the ocean together with T-Mobile US.

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How can Open RAN help your business?

In autumn 2022, we received news worth shouting about. The European Commission had accepted our application for funding to establish a European Digital Innovation Hub, or EDIH.

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5G Early Access Program – Improving our APIs!

The overarching goal of our 5G Early Access Program and the 5G Testbed on our Berlin campus is the continuous improvement of our API products.

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Sneak peek at the upcoming T Developers Portal

The T Developers Portal will be the one-stop shop for the global developer community to interact with Deutsche Telekom and its APIs.

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Seamless access to telco services with CAMARA API’s

When it comes to application programming interfaces (APIs), telco operators need to work together to build bridges between their various networks, and in doing so, ensuring a seamless experience across different networks and countries.

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5G Early Access Program – Meet our first batch of Startups!

With Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network roll-out nearly complete, the next step will be opening up its capabilities for third party developers to access.

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